Theses are the International Diploma Courses Modules 3 - 6

Please note: The deadline to complete the course will be 3 years from the moment you receive this enrolment confirmation.

Students must successfully complete modules 3-5 before proceeding to module 6, that includes access to the learning materials.

The intention of this Diploma module is to provide a brief recap on the issues studied in the Certificate in Risk Management and then to study in-depth the areas of risk assessment and risk control.

This module explores - Governance Issues, Strategic Planning and Leadership, Monitoring, Reviewing and Reporting, Decision Making, Performance and Training and Culture and Ethics

This penultimate module in the International Diploma examines organisational resilience to risk, the impacts of Risk Perception on behaviour and expected outcomes and finally how an organisations relates to and impacts upon society in general.

The final International Diploma Module which will give students the opportunity to apply their accumulated risk knowledge and research skills to a practical problem