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    Introduction to IRM Qualifications

    IRM's qualifications have been developed by internationally recognised academics and industry practitioners.  They will provide you with the broad knowledge and the practical skills you need to manage risk.

    Our International Certificates and Diploma give you the theory, tools and techniques to manage risk, maximise opportunities and protect your organisation.  You can learn from anywhere in the world via  this virtual learning environment, which includes directed self-study and online coaching.

    Why study with the IRM?

    As the world's leading professional body for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) we have a global reputation for offering highly practical, academically rigorous qualifications to meet industry needs.

    We respond to the latest challenges facing risk managers, including growing cyber threats and international regulatory developments.  This volatile environment has seen regulators, investors and businesses make increasing demands on organisations to demonstrate they have top-class risk management in place at an integrated, enterprise level.  Our focus is therefore on the importance of strategy, culture, behaviour and competence in relation to risk and on concepts like risk appetite, risk maturity and decision making.

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